Thanks to the patented Dynamic Space by FURGOK® system, we deliver maximum versatility in vehicle layouts. Enjoy the trip!



Discover your FURGOK® Camper.

For travelling without restrictions. Whatever your destination, travel with the freedom that your FURGOK® camper van gives you. Improvise and change your route. Choose where you will wake up tomorrow. 

Camp & CamperCamp & Camper

Camp & Camper

The difference between the two models is the stove. The Camper has one but the Camp does not.

If what you are looking for is a portable stove and to make the most of the rest of the space, the Camp model is the one for you. For example, by adding a pop top roof as an added extra, up to 5 people can sleep in it, one more than in the Camper model.

Premium design and materialsPremium design and materials

Premium design and materials

FURGOK® ensures that all of your vehicle’s components are of unbeatable quality, so we are able to give you the warranty of a premium manufacturer. We manufacture our products with a close eye for detail and use a premium selection of materials. 

Comfort day and night

Comfort day and night

We take your comfort very seriously and we draw on all of our experience so that you’re missing nothing when you’re on the road. Because travelling and feeling at home is probably the best thing there is.

Exclusive technology

Exclusive technology

We are pioneers. We lead the way thanks to our exclusive cutting-edge technology, the result of our ongoing investment in R&D. We deliver the best solutions for your actual requirements.

Turnkey vehiclesTurnkey vehiclesTurnkey vehicles

Turnkey vehicles

We are experts in adapting our vehicles to the specific needs of our customers. What’s more, we are the only second stage manufacturer in Spain for some of the sector’s top brands:

We will guide you from the first step until your vehicle is running on the road by giving you all the advice you need. 

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At FURGOK® we will help you find the practical solutions that turn your ideas into reality. Vehicles with the highest levels of quality, which deliver maximum comfort, convenience and mobility.
Find the FURGOK® vehicle that best suits you. 

Base vehicle

FURGOK Fiat® Talento®

Fiat® Talento®


500.52.0.F - Dormir
500.52.0.F - Viajar


See Data Sheet

Seats for travel: 5
Beds for sleep: 2
External length: 500 cm. L1
External height: 197 cm.

Model: Camp
Reference: 500.52.0.F
Chassis frame: Fiat® Talento®

500.54.0.F - Dormir
500.54.0.F - Viajar


See Data Sheet

Seats for travel: 5
Beds for sleep: 4
External length: 500 cm. L1
External height: 205 cm.

Model: Camper
Reference: 500.54.0.F
Chassis frame: Fiat® Talento®