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How home automation can elevate your travel experience

At FURGOK®, comfort runs deep – the reason we first opened our doors was to create comfortable, top-end travel experiences on wheels.

Determined to meet the challenge of providing even greater comfort, it didn’t take us long to realise that part of that comfort comes from adding a solid home automation system to our vehicles.

Home automation means incorporating technology into the way a space is designed. In other words, using a smart system to automate a series of home attributes that involve everything from security to well-being. Increasingly more popular in homes, offices and buildings, it is still virtually non-existent in other sectors, like ours. 

A camper van with a built-in home automation system helps deliver a superior travel experience in more ways than one, and we’d like to share some of the benefits that our smart control panel adds to your trip in FURGOK®.


Centralised vehicle management.
The system puts vehicle status and management at your fingertips: see your battery charge status or how much water you have in the tanks and check your water pump, heating, hot water, fridge, electric bed lifts, lights and solar panels anytime, anywhere.

That said, the most important thing that home automation delivers in terms of peace of mind and safety is the automatic management of your camper van’s innovative digital fuses. Checking fuses becomes a thing of the past: the system will warn you if if there’s any unusual behaviour or a circuit break and you can reset the fuse from your mobile or vehicle control panel with a single press of a button, logging the incident.

It also comes with “smart modes”, which are automatic resource management modes like night mode, frost mode, presence simulation mode, pipe cleaning mode, etc. It also includes vehicle and appliance manuals so that you can settle any question an unknown situation could cause. Having all this information in your control panel and phone, just a click away, means that you can handle situations in advance for complete peace of mind when travelling in and enjoying your FURGOK®.

Energy savings.
Beyond delivering an undeniable boost to well-being, home automation helps to significantly reduce energy use with multiple features, such as programming heating time and temperature from your mobile phone without having to be anywhere near your vehicle; automatically controlling the fridge temperature for less noise at night and enhanced efficiency; controlling the battery charge and its fluctuations for a more efficient life; and controlling how bright you want the lights to shine inside and outside your FURGOK®.

Home automation has the power to help you stay a step ahead of contingencies that could complicate your trip. The result? Smooth sailing.

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Make the most of the space in the back. Sleep at the height you want and enjoy a flexible pass-through and loading area, which you can configure to meet your needs.


The 60 x 90 cm single-piece shower tray is designed to make you feel at home wherever you are.


The chemical toilet is ready to use at the push of a button. We offer unrivalled space, the kind of bathroom you can read the newspaper in.


Designed to provide extra privacy, this blind separates the bedroom and bathroom. It can easily and quickly be extended and retracted for instant privacy.


The fold-out single-piece sink offers the ultimate comfort for washing up.


Our vehicles are equipped with a table and two folding chairs, which can be used inside and outside. The chairs are built into the rear doors of the vehicle, and the table is concealed in the sliding door.