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Features and comfort.

Travelling and feeling at home is probably the best thing there is.
We deliver comfort and the best features around so that you have the best possible experience.

Furgok Home automation

Home automation

Full control in your hands.

We have synthesised all the essential information of a camper vehicle and we have incorporated it into an intelligent control unit that will give you the technical and comfort details to enjoy the journey without unnecessary worries. Home automation has arrived at FURGOK® integrated in a high quality screen and remote connection from any mobile device.

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Furgok Home automationFurgok Home automation

Everything centralised
You will be able to adjust the heating temperature, without having to connect other systems. Enjoy real-time, accurate information on battery charge status, get detailed information on water tank status and purge blackwater; you can also see what’s happening with fuses and even reset them.

You can also modulate indoor and outdoor vehicle lighting at your leisure. The control panel has a smart mode that stays ahead of contingencies and warns you so you can act in time. You can also use it to review vehicle manuals and settle any question an unknown situation could cause.

Everything at hand from your smartphone
And best of all: it doesn't only work from the control panel screen - you can install it on your phone and get real-time notifications on your personal device. We bring an optimal blend of comfort and technology to our vehicles so that all you have to worry about is where you're going to sleep today.

Furgok Insulation


The essence of a motorhome is that it is well built.

Insulation is the result of a set of insulation materials and techniques that are used in a vehicle’s component parts. A properly insulated vehicle prevents problems of damp due to condensation, is more efficient in keeping a constant inside temperature and better cuts off any outside noise. Proper insulation is essential for ensuring the best possible comfort in a travel vehicle.

Furgok Equipamiento

The selection of materials is just as important as how they are fitted in a vehicle. Our team’s experience and know-how, and our ongoing investment in R&D allows us to discover new materials and deliver greater comfort.

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More constant temperature
Thanks to their good insulation, FURGOK® vehicles are characterised by the energy savings they make as the air conditioning and heating systems are used less.

Less noise
Premium noise insulation is key to achieving well-being and feeling at home. We use Kaiflex® insulation that is stuck to the vehicle’s bodywork so that it is sealed and delivers great heat and noise insulation for premium comfort.

Equipamiento Furgok


Top quality
and durability.

We manufacture our products with a close eye for detail and use a premium selection of materials. Cleanliness and durability are essential in the daily use of vehicles, in which a comfortable experience is sought.

Equipamiento Furgok
Equipamiento Furgok

“We are the only second stage manufacturer that uses faux leather for the upholstery on the roof and walls, thus achieving a warm inside environment and a very pleasant sound sensation.”

Aitor Senosiain, FURGOK® Sales Director

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We create customised furniture using 15-mm plywood Formica (HPL) on both sides, which prevents the wear of the wood.

We use Corian® and Silestone® in the components that we manufacture, such as the toilet, shower tray, kitchen stove and on other finishes. Both materials deliver extra durability and cleanliness in daily use.

In vehicles with a Crafter® base, we fit textured polyester panels, a complicated material to work with but that has a more pleasant feeling to the touch.

The base of our vehicles is covered in a single piece of waterproof flooring with different finishes and designs.

Equipamiento Tecnología Furgok


For your greater

Features can be operated from inside the vehicle, such as flushing out wastewater using a solenoid valve. There is also easy access to everything related to the heating, hot water, battery status, the use of the electronic WC, the assisted closing of the sliding side door and the automated bed lifts.

We focus our technology on making daily tasks user-friendly.

Equipamiento Calefacción Furgok



All FURGOK® vehicles are fitted with an advanced integrated heating: Webasto AIRTOP EVO40. A system characterised by its energy efficiency and functionality.

Equipamiento Componentes Furgok


High endurance:
more resources, more travel.

In many ways, FURGOK® vehicles exceed and even double the average endurance in the sector. The fridge, which is at chest height, is almost 20% larger and has a standalone freezer. The large clean water tank is almost 25% bigger. The two 100 Ah batteries provide energy self-sufficiency of 200 Ah, which is double the normal standard.

In addition, we include battery covers that shield them against damage, and we also fit integrated lithium systems so that all electrical appliances are totally self-sufficient.

Equipamiento Furgok

We use Corian® and Silestone® in the components that we manufacture, such as the toilet, shower tray, kitchen stove and on other finishes. Both materials deliver extra durability and cleanliness in daily use.

Equipamiento FurgokEquipamiento FurgokEquipamiento FurgokEquipamiento Furgok


Space for travelling with everything you need.

Apart from the roomy inside that can be converted, FURGOK® vehicles have a large storage space. With spacious chests at the back and a large drawer in the bed for clothes, sports gear, etc., the practical arrangement of the fittings creates different areas and saves space, all of which delivers comfort and convenience.

In the kitchen area, special attention has been placed on ergonomics, so that everything is at hand without the need to bend down or use overhead cabinets. With large draws for food and utensils, a fridge of 110 litres conveniently placed at chest height and a standalone freezer. The upper recesses are ideal for fitting a microwave, for instance.


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