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Dynamic Space by Furgok

Patented Space
Dynamic space by furgok
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Dynamic inside space.

Thanks to our Dynamic Space by FURGOK® patented technology, we have created a dynamic inside space that converts easily and adapts to all situations.

Patented Space
Dynamic space by Furgok

We customise the inside space.

Throughout the day, uses and requirements change all the time on the same trip: travelling, sleeping, showering, playing, cooking, eating, etc. This means being on the move all time and doing things at the same time in a small space. By observing and becoming aware of the numerous situations that can take place in just a few square feet, we came to understand the importance of adapting the living space to each specific situation in just an instant.

Thanks to our patented Dynamic Space by FURGOK®, we have created a dynamic inside space that converts easily and adapts to all situations. The layout has been planned right down to the very last detail.

A unique new concept, a design that makes possible multifunctional areas that are easy to rearrange.

Patented technology.Patented technology.Patented technology.Patented technology.Patented technology.

Patented technology.

Small spaces do not have to be divided by fixed structures. We have patented a system with moveable, dynamic features to create a dynamic inside space that adapts to its use at all times. 

The Dynamic Space by FURGOK® system enables us to make the most of the space in a large camper van.  

Versatile interior.Versatile interior.Versatile interior.

Versatile interior.

Dynamic Space by FURGOK® creates a space with everything needed to travel in style: two private bedrooms, two separate living spaces for daily activities, a toilet and large shower. The kitchen-diner can be used for after-dinner conversation when everybody else has gone to bed, and the open living area makes it easy to get around inside the vehicle.

We have combined the Dynamic Space by FURGOK® patent with our broad experience to deliver unbeatable versatility inside so that you can enjoy every trip.



Mountains and beaches; adventure and relaxation; skiing, surfing, cycling... so that you make the most of your FURGOK® however and wherever you want. We’ll take charge of adapting your vehicle to your requirements.

Unbeatable comfort and mobility.Unbeatable comfort and mobility.Unbeatable comfort and mobility.

Unbeatable comfort and mobility.

The big advantage of camper vans and large camper vans is that their size makes it possible to park anywhere in a city and roam the streets.

At FURGOK®, our Dynamic Space can be customised for enhanced privacy, unbeatable comfort and mobility. We create customised camper vans and large camper vans. In the latter case, with the space of a motorhome but with the mobility and privacy of a camper van thanks to our patent.

So that you can travel freely and stop wherever you want.